My Story

It all began over five years ago and I'm on the most INCREDIBLE JOURNEY!  My best friend became a consultant so I asked her if she would bring me her samples. Well, that's when the FUN BEGAN! Long story short, It was love at first "sniff"!  I was so excited about Scentsy that I decided to become a consultant myself!  It was that simple!   It's been quite a journey since that day!  I became a Director with Scentsy about 3 years ago.  I am FULL TIME Scentsy!  I have an AMAZING team! I've received the National Sales Acheiver Award and have had well over $100,000 in sales. I've earned AMAZING incentive trips with Scentsy. Everyone who knows me, knows I love to travel so that's a BIG deal!  I've been to Punta Cana, Costa Rica, Bahamas, Las Vegas and Cancun all expenses paid!  I have also had the opportuity to do Home and Garden shows in PA, NJ and Savannah, GA!  I can't wait to see where else Scentsy will take me! They say it's not what you have in life but WHO you have in life that makes the difference. Perhaps that is Scentsy's greatest blessing to me.  I've met people from all over the country and right here in my backyard.  I've made so many friends, many will last a lifetime!.  I say I do it all!  I use my experience to mentor and develop new consultants. I do parties (home, catalog, facebook  and open houses).  I do a lot of community events and fundraisers!  It is so rewarding to be able to help others because of what I do!  Let me be of service to you!  I'm so excited to share the Scentsy experience with you!  <!--endbody-->